Summer report card.

Here’s the top films of the summa’ so far…packaged in standard Top 8 format.

1- Super 8– By emulating some of the better, more-heartfelt blockbusters of yesteryear we get one of those for currentyear. A-

2- Bridesmaids– If you loved The Hangover… you’ll probably like anything. Lucky for you this movie’s actually funny. B+

3- X-Men: First Class– The prequel you wanted way less than Wolverine, that’s way better than Wolverine. B

4- Fast Five– Took em five tries, but they finally found it: a sorta enjoyable Fast film. B- 

5- Priest– It recalls the high-concept action-y exploitation flicks of John Carpenter. Stupid, unpretentious fun. B-

6- Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides– Proof that a bank-busting, overly ambitious train-wreck (At World’s End) is still more amusing than a more modestly budgeted, underly-ambitious one. C+

7- Green Lantern– Instead of that cool Green Lightmen movie you were hoping for… you get this phoned-in origin sequel. C

8- Thor -Rhyming with the words bore and snore isn’t just a coincidence… it’s a warning. D+

——-Hanna (honorable mention)- Technically released just outside of the summer season…otherwise this probably would’ve topped the list. It’s well directed, well acted and involves a little girl punching SWAT guys. See it when it hits the Blu rays. A-

Note: Both the new Hangover and Chop-Chop Panda were not viewed, and thus not included (although I think only Panda would’ve made it this far).

Bonus Note: 3D is not an upgrade for any of the films on this list. Trust me. I paid extra to find out for you.


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  1. NOICE! I heard Thor stars that psycho-lesbian from Black Swan. She fine. As for 3D, I used to be a lover, then I was a spurned, we got seperated, now we’re headed for divorce court.

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